About Kylie Nel

Hi I'm Kylie Nel, owner and beauty therapist at Belle Femme Health and Beauty in Durbanville.

My journey began at Camelot International, where I completed a two year course in Health and Skincare Therapy and a third year in Holistic and Natural Therapies. My passion for the industry was born as a youngster when I suffered from severe acne and discovered that the use of good skincare products, regular facials and a regular skincare regimen left me with a completely blemish free complexion.

In this time I developed an internal yearn and promise to myself that I would help people going through a similar experiences as I did as a teenager. I developed a passion for the beauty Industry, because I could see the difference professional products made with my own skin. I never used any medication for my skin; I merely persisted with my facials, healthy skin care and my products.

As I grew older the passion grew stronger. I love working with people and the past three years I have worked in various spas and salons and experienced the warm feeling when I see my clients improve as I assist them with their skin care and healthy lifestyle.

After many years of thinking and deliberation about my future and what I would like to accomplish, I decided to start my own salon, my dream has now become reality. Here I am, willing and able and at your service.